Nationally, nearly one-third of the individuals we serve are returning citizens or are directly impacted by incarceration. As a result, SVdP is developing a powerful organization for our work in all aspects of reentry. Our organizational rules, structure, and our goal of ending poverty provide a strong framework on which to build a high-impact, sustainable program.

While many Governmental, secular non-profits, and religious agencies are currently focusing on reentry, few, if any, have the National reach, scope, and wrap-around services that SVdP provides. SVdP has a long history of collaborating with like-minded agencies to most effectively help those we serve reach their God-given potential. St. Vincent de Paul is also continuing its ecumenical outreach to partners in all eight of our focus areas.

Immersion provides St. Vincent de Paul a permanent program of assistance to an untapped workforce, as well as direct service to some of those most in need, returning citizens. The SVdP reentry program will continue to expand and review our key programs to maximize our impact and efficiency. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul continues our work in systemic change to end poverty and assist our neighbors to reintegrate into their community.

Our goal is to provide wrap-around services to those returning to society and their families so they may regain employment, additional education, and provide food to their family all while learning to navigate through the barriers they may face.

To access services or to volunteer with the program please contact Our Immersion Team at 515.282.8328 Ext. 590, or

Please visit the national St. Vincent de Paul Immersion site at